Anderson is a great package deal, great vocalist, superb songwriter, deeply rooted in blues and roots music and so much more.  Truly Me is every bit that...and then some.  These songs are not only well written and delivered with power and passion, but the arrangements are impeccable.  Anderson and company are exceptional, a band I would recommend without reservation to one and all.

Bill Wilson

Reflections in Blue

January 2016

Lauren Anderson is a fine songwriter, too, versatile and honest. She puts her cards — and her heart — on the table, right there in the liner notes: “This CD ... includes most of what I know, who I am, who I’d like to be and where I’d like to go.” That’s a rare and vulnerable admission for somebody working the blues. It’s also an important part of what makes Truly Me work...

Mike Warren


Kansas City, MO

October 20, 2015

Our favorite was easy. Lauren has the perfect voice for a “torch song”–sultry and sexy–and “No Regrets” is a good one.  Brush-stroked drums and Shinetop’s jazzy piano trace the tale of two lovers tasting that “forbidden fruit,” with “No Regrets ’til we’re through!” 

Don & Sheryl Crow
Don & Sheryl's Blues Blog
Nashville, TN
February 5, 2016

Lauren Anderson and “Truly Me” are well worth checking out – although not a blues album in the strictest sense, it is nicely produced, written and performed, with original songs – and has something for all tastes!...

Grahame Rhodes

Blues In The Northwest

Chester, UK

November 8, 2015

Lauren Anderson has a passion for music that extends beyond her soulful, blues-colored songs. “I love helping other people work through struggles, and better understand themselves and communicate.” Anderson works full-time as a music therapist, and implements songwriting as a powerful therapeutic tool for her clients. Her debut full-length album Truly Me is evidence that she practices what she preaches, with 14 tracks that eloquently express her experiences and emotions....

Michelle Bacon

909 News

Kansas City, MO

August 26, 2015

An hour after returning to Kansas City from Topeka on a Sunday night — following a performance at the Blues Foundation's International Blues Challenge regional qualifier — Lauren Anderson is sipping wine on the patio of a Crossroads restaurant. She hasn't taken off her performance makeup, and the moonlight finds its way to the glitter around her eyelids..... 

Natalie Gallagher

The Pitch

Kansas City, MO

August 25, 2015

Lauren Anderson played a 1:30 a.m. set in one of the Kansas City showcase rooms. Barefoot with guitar, she busked through several high-energy rock-soul tunes. She has a powerful voice, one that bears some resemblances to Melissa Etheridge or Janis Joplin. According to her Facebook page, she is in a four-piece band that includes drummer Kristopher Schnebelen, formerly of Trampled Under Foot. She bears watching.

Timothy Finn
The Kansas City Star
Kansas City, MO
February 22, 2015

Long before she was old enough to drive herself to a gig, Lauren Anderson would ride with her father around Chicago as he fed cassettes into the car stereo, steadily adding to her musical education. His choices often leaned toward rock operas like The Who’s Tommy or the original cast recording of Jesus Christ Superstar, giving his daughter a sense of how to project her feelings.

George Lang

Oklahoma Gazette

Oklahoma City, OK

January 6, 2016

Lauren Anderson, a Chicago native, is a music therapist in the pediatric unit at the University of Kansas Medical Center and a singer/songwriter who recently released “Truly Me,” her first full-length.

Timothy Finn

The Kansas City Star

Kansas City, MO

January 30, 2015

Lauren Anderson - Truly Me Review

Rudolf van der Ree

Rudolf's Music

The Netherlands

November 2015

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